You are not alone.  With the recent changes in admiminstration and the repeal of healthcare and more recently a 300 billion dollar cut that will strip coverage and increase premiums, I had to get subsidized options to assure I can keep some money in my pocket to care for my loved ones. 
 Imagine a world without waiting rooms. Now, you can.

Out-of-Pocket Health Care spending last year was $338.1 BILLION DOLLARS. For many, this included their out of pocket cash. So, if you are going to spend out of your pocket, then why not save money with an amazing HIPPA compliant telehealth/telemedicine plan that allows you unlimited doctor consults per month. 

For the price of a pizza/soda lunch, you can get unlimited consultations for up to 8 family members—yes, that’s right, 8 family members on one plan, in the U.S., 24 hours/7 days a week, using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

You can visit with a

►pediatrician for children 2 and up
►emergency doctor
►primary physician
►internal medicine
►behavioral specialist
►healthcare advocate to negotiate your bills
►messaging with a specialist
►refills on prescriptions for up to 2 weeks 
►and, more… all to subsidize those high deductibles or lack of insurance all together.


►saves time
►no time off work
►No contracts
►Pay month-to-month
►Reduce cost of unnecessary office, urgent care, and 
►emergency room visits
►Sick while on vacation or doctor on vacation
►No co-pay

Who should apply: “Everyone”, especially

►Undocumented workers
►Part-time workers
►Independent contractors
►Traveling workers (e.g. nurses)

For your convenience are Spanish interpreters as well. 

Don’t miss this plan. 

Get started today!