Create Endless Digital Products
with what you know and are able to teach

This product research is for you IF you ...

  • do not have a clue where to start to create revenues with digital products
  • you want to generate passive revenues
  • want to stand about the noise of a saturated market
  • want to know industry gaps and recommendations

  • Add value to industry traditions
    • ​​​​​​​create new products,
    • meet the needs of nontraditional markets
    • stay relevant, and
    • add features to old ones,
  • Stay relevant and solve problems as they arise
  • Increase your value proposition in the field and your revenues
  • Create more repeat buyers that generate word-of-mouth marketing
  • Grow your professional network and attract people from within your industry
  • People want to be connected with you
  • Consumers are anxious to test new products.

Think about how often you try the latest phone? Create, your consumer will be the first to get in line to purchase.  

What is a product?

1. an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.  2.  a thing or person (that means you) that is the result of an action or process

What is product research? 

Product research is vital part of new product development.
Product research is a vital part of new product development. At every stage of the process, research can help you identify key issues and avoid expensive mistakes. Initial product research can be used to evaluate new ideas.​​​​​​​

Why should you listen to me?  

I am Dr. Eve and I connect people, community, and business for scalable social good.  I have been in business for more than 20-years and decided to leap from my job in 2016 to create my own stage . 
​​​​​​​ I have been able to...​​​​​​​
  • created 500+ digital products
  • generate revenues;
  • use research to inform and complement the industry
  • teach others  to generate residual revenues;
  • stay relevant  as an expert conference presenter;
  • help for-profits  and nonprofits build capacity together;
  • lead logistics state; national, and global projects; and
  • secure funding for program initiatives, to name a few​​​​​​​