Alliance Council

The formaton of the Alliance Council is to: 

  • Provide technical support in specific areas of community growth for black led organizations;
  • support special projects from planning to completion
  • fundraising for a specific project
  • provide independent advisory support 
  • serve as a community stakeholder
  • serve in an honorary role

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The Alliance Advisory Council is a group of black led organizational leaders who support the needs, skills, and abilities of leaders toward their stated mission to build.  There is not a given authority. 

You are the ultimate governing authority for your organization, we are here to assist you.  The council will provide  key information to make recommendations on certain matters.  The collective body strengths are in its accountability to the industry.  The nature of our work is based on what you need to build strong infrastructure so that your work is building a collective community.  


Length of Service

The advisory council will serve as a standing body that organizations can rely on for guidance an advice.  Advisory council members serve a 2-year limit (renewable)   The council will appoint and renew members of the advisory council.  The board chair will be rotatable among the council members.  At least one organizational member will serve on an advisory council. 


The goals and objectives of the alliance council is to build and develop a deeper level of trust and confidence with community.  This capacty allows community leaders to create greater efficiency on Boards.  Many small organizations outgrow their capacty  the  to be effective for complex or highly specialized projects.  Knowledge and expertise of board members can be retained as a benefit through advisory council.  And, vice versa, advisory council members can develop relationships with boards for appointment when a term expires.  

General Polices/Procedures

Advisory council appointment are on a volunteer basis.  We are currently seeking capacity to pay our advisory council members with the goal of keeping them actively engaged and invested in the work of our region.  The advisory council will meet face-to-face quarterly except for call meetings on special projects.  All advisory council members are bound by the rules of confidentiality as outlined in our operating agreement. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Membership:  What Do You Need?

Advisory Board Duties:  What Do You Need From Our Community Advisory

Meeting Attendance:  Attend Quarterly Meetings

Ad-Hoc Committees:  subcommittees are form on an as needed basis to address certain short-term purposes