"I Am We"
Preliminary Schedule
(Schedule is subject to change)

I Am We:  Building Healthy Communities

7am Open to Vendor Setup
"I AM We Swarm MeetiUp"

8am Registration/Mix & Mingle

Setting Up The Village
Dr. Eveangel Savage | Ms. Aisha Powell | Swarm Team

I Am Brilliant
Shemekka Ebony
Table Activity

I Am Brilliant Because...
 Kayla Harris - Dance Performance

Personal Transformation Panel

Personal transformation occurs when we heal hurts and take steps toward personal liberation, wellness or enlightenment.  In this moment we are able to heal and support those around us.  

Fearless Visionaries:  "Tear The Veil"
Panelist 1:  Ramona Philips, Trauma Defeated LLC
Panelist 2:  Jada Dupree
Panelist 3:  Yolanda Dupree, Dupree Group
Panelist 4:  Flerida Santana-Johnas, Real Estate Investment Coach

Q & A

Developing a Relational Culture

(We have the ability to develop interdependence with one another by building a relational culture. We have a story and an ability to change the narrative with our skills.  Listen, connect, and weave a fabric that supports. )

Shauneille Smith
John Maxwell Speaker 
Inspirational Self Sufficient Training Center 
Relational Culture Activity

- Break -

Scavenger Hunt | Marketplace
Song (Vibe Team)
City of Greenville Proclamation
Monica Daniels

Hausson Byrd, Poet | Author | Spoken Word Artist

The Effects of Dominant Cultures Panel

Panelist 1: Celestine Davis, Down East Film Festival
Panelist 2: Tonya J. Lynch, Founder of Black Light Project
Panelist 3: Jonathan Fleming, Johnathan Fleming Foundation
Exonerated, 24 Years In Prison

Q & A

Community Champion Award: Paula Dance

Alternatives for Impact Panel

Panelist 1: Maarifa Ukweli 
Panelist 2: Richard Muhammad
Panelist 3 Michael Mosayk, Black Wallstreet

Q & A

 * Keynote *

Dr. Eve /Princess Morgan 
Film Presentation 

Dr. Princess FumiHancock
Princess of Suburbia

Community Champion Awards

Emcee Aisha Powell/Princess Morgan

Award 1: Councilwoman Monica Daniels
Award 2: Diane Taylor, Taylor-Made Publishing
Award 3: Shemekka Ebony, 100 Million Healthier Lives
Award 4:  Christoper Suggs, Kinston Teens

Closing Remarks
Dr. Eveangel H. Savage and the I Am We  Swarm Team

Book Signing & Raffle