People think, feel, and behave. 
The framework you use for care matters.

A professional's theoretical perspective is based on a framework that has been built upon by those who came before us and is applied and practiced to achieve specified outcomes.   Each theory has basic assumptions that certain techniques implemented, practiced, and proven as evidence-based practice.  
Group process have been around for some time; however, it is becoming more commonplace to address the needs of the masses.  This process has generally been used in community, schools, institutions, and private practice.  Literature in review discuss the trends overtime that have influenced online supportive environments across many areas of help.  The stage whereby individuals can develop their interpersonal skills to communicate have broadened introducing a new era in group that has no borders.  Groups are complex.
The complexity of the group process is associated with the diversity of individuals who participate.  Therefore, theorectical practices must be adapted to using a multicultural social justice lens.    Theory is the navigation system that guides the process of helping others to achieve set goals.  Just like a navigation when you make a turn that does not align with the perspective because of diversity, the navigation system must evaluate a potential route towards achieving the goals.  This process is associated with culturally competent skilled group facilitation and the need for an integrative approach to group practice. 

This ideology will formulate the learning objectives of how YOU use theory and/or other techniques as a facilitator that will only improve with practice that is likely to take years and will evolve.  Remember you bring your personality, strengths, experiences,and worldview that will help you choose techniques that work best for your consumers.  There are multiple ways to achieve an integrative approach and the two most common are technical and theorectical integration.