Whether you are looking for career development or your first professional job, the path starts here to understand the most contemporary concepts for launching a career. Careers begin long before we are ready for our first professional job, by understanding the milestones it takes to get there.  Here in the Career Development Center we will offer you the ecclectic thinking of today's human resources and innovative tools for your next hire.  

Take action to get started by understanding the concepts to development a plan.  Take action that helps you make your processes seamless.  


Do you have a resume constructed that you are using to apply for jobs and not having much luck?  Would you like a second set of eyes?  Audacity has reviewed many resumes over the years.  Audacity will send you recommendations based on findings of what’s working in your desired marketplace.  After receiving payment for a resume review, we will request a copy of your resume be submitted.  We request a 3-day turnaround to review your resume.  If you do not have a resume, go directly to the next step... 

Are you finding this whole resume writing and cover letter tailoring an arduous process?  Would you like an expert to do it for you?  Audacity writes professional resumes for your specific career goals.  This service includes a skill summary based on your transferable skills, a philosophy you can stand by and a resume that represents you in the best possible way.  Once you submit your request for services we will supply you a draft in 5 to 7 business days.
Once you have purchased your service you will be contacted for a consult via email.