Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, an African Princess living in the Diaspora, is a Psychiatric Mental Health Doctor of Nurse Practice, 14X Bestselling Author/Publisher with 24 inspirational books, Online TV Show Host, Award-winning Filmmaker, Founder of @AsktheWEBPSYCHDNP, and creator of the Fearless Visionaries™: Tear the Veil, The Princess of Suburbia(R) Foundation Literary & Missions project.  Her works have earned her over 8 Hollywood awards, including Indiefest Films Award.  

She brings wealth and health to her audience by tackling discussions around mental health disorders & wellness such as depression, anxiety, suicide ideations, poor self-image, and disorders. Dr. Fumi through her podcast, Tear the Veil with Dr. Fumi, her literary works and films help her clients use storytelling on their road to recovery. Dr. Fumi also is the first African American to speak on TEDx Int’l Al Anjal National Schools platform in Saudi Arabia and the first woman recipient of the NAFCA African Oscar in Hollywood, California.  

She is married to Dr. David A Hancock with 4 children.