Dr. Eveangel H. Savage, PhD 


  • Online Social Support Theories and Practices
  • Mobile Application For Treatment and Intervention
  • Integrating Technology Into Practice
  • i-Mobile Group Facilitation
  • Furthering the digital age in practice


"What we teach and practice moves into ever widening concentric circles. We must deliberately consider the effects of what we teach".

I am a full-time Consultant of integrative solutions in practice. I strategically help my clients move from the present to the future by focusing on value and vision to express and create the future that they want in customer experience: 

►online curriculum development and community development
►providing for-profit or non-profit in-service training
►organizing grassroots community initiatives 
►research, writing and editing grant proposals & digital content strategist

facilitating groups processes


  • School of Social Work, Capella University, Minneanopolis, MN
Ph.D. in Human Services, Social & Community Services, Capella University (3.9 GPA), March 2016
Dissertation:  “Facilitators perspectives of mobile ACHESS for social support in addiction relapse prevention”
  • M.S., Criminal Justice, Fayetteville State University, May 2011

  • C.A.S. Substance Abuse Counseling, East Carolina University, May 2009

  • B.S., Basic & Applied Science, Fayetteville State University, December 2007

  • A.A., General Education Peirce College, Philadelphia, PA

  • Undergraduate & Graduate Level Courses 

Teaching provides a platform to introduce students to the world around them as they not only gain subject-specific knowledge, but the ability to make practical application.  Every opportunity to learn provides students with tools to influence.  My mantra is “we can only influence with what we know and are able to teach.”  This philosophy keeps my student making the connection to their subject matter.  I am encouraged through continuous research to shift the paradigm to analyze new ways of thinking that provoke critical thinking and positive results in high education.  

Pitt Community College
Adjunct Faculty – Human Services 08/17 - Present

I teach leaders the techniques of culturally competent skilled group facilitation across disciplines in organizations, institutions, schools, and communities. I teach RESPECT.

Teaching provides a platform to introduce students to the world as they gain subject-specific knowledge to make the practical application. Every opportunity to learn provides students with tools to influence. My mantra is “we can only influence with what we know and are able to teach.” This philosophy keeps my students making the connection to their subject matter. I am encouraged through continuous research to shift the paradigm to analyze new ways of thinking that provoke critical thinking and positive results in high education and business. 

Advanced leaders core knowledge and skills of facilitated group counseling 
Using didactic/experiential approach to learning leaders wrote working group proposals for the facilitator-specific area of interests.
Advanced leaders professional experience by integrating innovative practices to care through experiential learning 
Using the 16 core areas of skilled group facilitation leaders identified a variety of mobile app modalities to address complex processes of social engagement in-group. 
In a lab-environment, students demonstrated their competency to facilitate the group process.
advanced knowledge of pathways for leaders to achieve engagement in the group facilitation process 
learned to make an analysis of participant experiences and introduce concepts to modify behaviors appropriately. 
developed intermediate cross-cultural training for furthering multicultural and social justice agendas

Program Manager
Independent Consultant - Short-Term Contract
Dates EmployedOct 2017 – Nov 2017  
Voter Engagement 

>Launched pilot program to civically engage retail and service sector workers around the election
> Used the technology platform to outreach people in Southern States
>Created a script message for A/B testing
>Engaged people in the upcoming election using online-to-offline field model

Telehealth In-Service Trainer/Consultant
Audacity Leadership Institute

Training will provide depth and breadth of trends in online social support and the extension of theory to mobile technology in addiction relapse prevention. Through further examination of mobile social support concepts, participants will increase their knowledge of integrating mobile social support in practice to remove barriers associated with access, costs, and stigma associated with a continuum of
care to maintain sobriety. This training is adaptable to many areas of nonacute mental health. The unique value proposition of this training explores additional techniques for group facilitators with a didactic and experiential approach. It is approximately 3-hours long and enjoyable as attendees begin to develop their service program ideas. This training is offered as an in-service for C.E.U. credit and is available via in-residence workshop or tele-summit.

East Carolina University
Continuing Education Special Topics Instruction Mar 2017 – Present
Developed and taught non-traditional courses for life-long learners.

  • Identified emerging educational trends for non-traditional
  • Developed curriculum (1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour formats) taught over 8 or 16 weeks.
  • Trained non-traditional students on the principles of developing evidence-based business models and its opportunity to extend professional services in retirement.

Audacity Leadership Institute
Nobel Elite™ Mentoring 05/2017
Mentored service professionals across disciplines to extend their career opportunities through entrepreneurship as course instructors, group facilitators, speakers, and bloggers

  • Mentored women entrepreneurs to influence and develop business on what they know and are able to teach
  • Developed Speaker platforms
  • Developed E-Commerce Stores
  • Designed Niche-Specific Program Curriculum
  • Improved Writing Skills
  • Develop additional streams of income with coaching packages
  • Increased  proficiency in business through with accountability
  • Developed and trained on the principles of group facilitation. 

Pitt County Small Business Center
Entrepreneur Education January 2017 – Present

  • How to target your market using evidence-based practice
  • How to develop a content strategy with endless content.
  • *Other course offerings based on supply and demand.

Audacity Leadership Institute
Writing Coach August 2012 – Present
Twenty years of writing experience helping others to address four problematic themes that emerge in finding the right words to say. Using your idea, I help you develop background information for your writing project; remove input that smothers the writing process; enhance project focus; and develop a website that retain visitors. Our process will assure that your copy is clear, concise, consistent and compelling.

Audacity Leadership Institute
Intercontinental Entrepreneur Training Program  August 2012 – Present
Intercontinental training program to provide soft skills in business development for the creation of digital products, niche-specific signature program, global group platforms, and the logistics of maintaining financial security beyond the workforce in online & offline environments.

  • Developed Curriculum for Global Entrepreneur Education using Moodle blackboard
  • Developed 500+ digital products on special topics
  • Providing entrepreneur education to professionals globally
  • Develop program models through dedicated-VIP days.
  • 5-Day setup of Social Media for business globally


Independent Contractor (Performance Evaluator)
Audacity Leadership Institute
Performance Evaluator
01/2017 - Present

  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Academic
  • Medical Facilities
  • Employee Performance


Founder & Program Director
CasebyCase Research Foundation
March 2001 – Present

Grassroots, human service agency developed as a community hub to provide programming to youth and families in Eastern North Carolina. The program bridged the gap in access to cost-effective programming in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd. 

Designed community-academic tutorial program to foster academic improvement with support from ECU and Pitt Community student tutors
Tutored and lead weekly empowerment groups for communities and schools 
Developed and led 8-week summer program teaching NC State’s Mini-Society Entrepreneurial Leadership Program 
Developed, implemented, and led 15-member community service award winning team 
Collaborated with local and state government agencies for in-kind contributions (office space, technology center, supplies, furniture, technology, and educational materials valued at $130,000.00)
Collaborated with NC Department of Health and Human Services establish a six-site summer feed program and youth work program to serve nearly 21,000 meals to children throughout Pitt County (grant funded @ $45,000.00).
Provided case management services to individuals and families in crisis and youth-at-risk (food bank, utilities, clothing, shelter, & referrals 
Hosted, facilitated, and trained students for internships, service learning, and cooperative education w/ U.S. Department of Labor, East Carolina University Child Development & Family Relations/Volunteer Services), Pitt Community College Job Link (valued at $25,900.00). 
Hosted monthly colloquia on family-center topics in collaboration with NC Humanities Council
Provided afterschool/summer programs as an award-winning North Carolina State University Mini-Society Volunteer 
Partnered with the North Carolina Humanities Council to provide monthly colloquia on family-centered topics
Mobilized community resources for change (community police, leaders, and citizens)

Committee to Elect Dr. Randy B Royal Commissioner
Dates EmployedMay 1998 – Nov 1998  Employment Duration7 mos
LocationGreenville, North Carolina Area
They said we could not WIN, but WE DID...the Campaign for Dr. Randy B. Royal, Pitt County Commissioner. This was a people-oriented, data-driven, sophisticated and historic campaign with a great campaign model.

Field Organizer/Campaign Manager
Led campaign to victory
Developed election strategy
Organized effective campaign team
Educated team on campaign organizing
Coordinated fundraising, media, voter contact, and volunteer activities
Oversee grassroots activities (voter registration, meet-the-candidate, get-out-the-vote, absentee)

Public Service
Wharton School | Hahnemann University | East Carolina University | Vidant Medical
1988 – August 2016


Public Speaking | Leadership Development | Community Outreach |Teaching | Program Development | Team Building | Program Implementation | Non- Profit


  • Graduate with Distinction, Capella University
  • Outstanding Leadership, North Carolina Black Women Roundtable
  • Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society – Criminal Justice, Fayetteville State University
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, North Carolina State University, Mini Society
  • Outstanding Service Award, North Carolina Cooperative Extension
  • Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society – Criminal Justice, Fayetteville State University

  • Member, Advisory Board, Pitt Community Small Business Center
  • Member, Forbes Coaches Council
  • Leadership Council & Strategic Board for Online Curriculum, National Organization of Human Services
  • State Delegate, North Carolina Black Women’s Roundtable
  • Member, National Organization for Human Services
  • Member, National Council on Family Relations
  • Member, Southeastern Council on Family Relations
  • Member, American Telehealth Association


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“Excellent job.  Great way to dig deepr and ask questions to find evidence.  Love that you are so base on research!  I really love your philosophy of influencing with what you know and are able to teach.”  ~ Small Business Center

“Great stories” ~Small Business Center

Information was given from a unique and informed perspective” ~Small Business Center


Oh Wow! It is truly an honor to know Dr Eveangel Savage. She is a true Social Media Mobile Support at hand. She is very passionate about helping others on Social Media. At this very moment, she is involved in the full spectrum of setting up the World Changers Sister Tribe Social Media Platform. She is relentless, committed, and very knowledgeable! If you are looking for someone who can really take a close look at your platform to determine where the bleed lies, Dr E is the one to hire. It is truly a pleasure to be working with her.
Dr. Fumi S. Hancock
Huff Post Writer, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Ghostwriter
December 27, 2016

“The expertise that Dr. Savage brings to a mentor relationship is extremely valuable. She is a phenomenal teacher who is dedicated to research. I am constantly impressed with her direction and advice. She has coached me to develop my business through a commitment to research. She has an unmatched arsenal of talents and knowledge that has taken my business to the next level. As a marketer, I have gained significant insight from her in the areas of business and market research is truly priceless. As a Professor, she shows compassion and consistency for those she instructs and mentors.  Her mentorship has inspired me to be a more engaging instructor. Her patience and dedication in the mental health arena has been pivotal in helping me to understand my role in the marketplace. I highly recommend her! “
Chriss Burrell, MBA
Instructor | Marketing

“Dr. Savage is deeply passionate about justice issues and works diligently to balance her personal and professional responsibilities. She recognizes her duty to give back to others and is committed to promoting peace and justice in our world. She is a respected colleague and role model for the next generation of criminal justice professionals.”

Dr. Cary Atkinson
Texas A&M University