"You are qualified to do everything under your skill sets. "
~Brenda Darden

I am a conscious doctorate prepared Consultant.  My life's work centers on deep and intentional organizing, and program development that removes barriers and improves the culture of access to sustainable programming for individuals, communities, and organizations to thrive.
I began my career in corporate partnership at the Wharton School of Business and continue to use lessons learned today to build strong collaborative initiatives. My career, is strengthened by life as a wife, and mother of four who persevered through a life of poverty and years of social, racial, and economic inequities to own my authority and help others to do the same.  My story is influence by service in academia, corporate, and healthcare where I sharpened the tools I owned and used to build the dreams of corporate America. These meaningful skills coupled with my love for humanity and community propelled me to walk tall in my truth to achieve maximal results in today's climate and push back on the inequities that affect so many.maximal results in today's climate. 

​"Dr. Savage is a lively, knowledegeable, passionate speaker. It makes for an interesting speech."
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Southern Organizatio of Human Services

I strategically help individuals, organizations, and communities with the development of   culturally responsive programming.  When we teach others to organize collectively with the peripheral lens of developing programs that are niche specific, we build strong infrastructures.  Strong program infrastructures influence great performance outcomes.  I improve the culture of access to innovative programs and measures for collective wins. 


"I enjoyed this program. Dr. Savage is very knowledgeable. This was an informative session"
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Southern Organizatio of Human Services

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